About Forever Wildflowers

In 2002, we had the misfortune to lose several close members of our families in a very short time.

The cut flowers at the services were beautiful.  But when we left the services with empty hands and hearts, it seemed there had to be a better way to celebrate a life lived.  That nagging feeling stayed with us; there had to be a way to remember the loved ones we lost and celebrate their lives in a tangible way.


We are blessed in that we live in the Wet Mountains of Southern Colorado.  From our porch we can see the splendor of the Sangre de Cristo mountains.  Most of the landscape is natural and covered in high elevation wild flowers through the spring and summer.  The answer was right in front of us…wildflowers!

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Debra Whiteing and John Heasley with Bo living in the Wet Mountains of Southern Colorado.

By 2003, Forever Wildflowers was launched. 


We really enjoy helping families create perpetual remembrances in a time and place they choose. And personalizing the hang tags give us a glimpse of the person we are writing about and the love the families have for them.


Since then, over half a million velvet pouches with 2,000 seeds in each pouch have been distributed throughout the world.  It warms our heart to know that while helping people memorialize their loved ones in their lovely gardens, planter boxes and meadows, we’ve added some natural beauty to the earth for all to enjoy.