Celebration of Life Gifts

Celebration of Life Gifts are absolutely great wildflower gifts that plant a lasting remembrance.  Choose from a Living Memorial Planting Kit or our amazing Memory Seeds.  

A celebration of life is more than just a memorial service.  In fact, you will likely find more laughing and sharing favorable, fun memories.  With our Celebration of Life Gifts, you will have the option to plant a long-lasting memory garden – in any special spot you want!  Additionally, this is something the that includes the entire family!  

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Celebration of Life Gifts

Celebration of Life Gifts

A Celebration of Life, as mentioned earlier, is slightly different than a regular funeral service.  Being with other loved ones and friends, everyone happily remembers the joys, laughs, and triumphs the departed has shared.  Attendees are encouraged to have ready a memory to share with other guests.  

There are many ways to hold a Celebration of Life, but there is no “right or wrong” way.  You can also do memory boards, have bands and/or music, and of course, plant a memory garden!  

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