Funeral Flower Seeds

Funeral Flower Seeds – also known as Memory Seeds – available at Forever Wildflowers.  We also carry the Living Memorial Planting Kit.  Both of these memorial gifts are a great way to properly pay tribute in a very special way.

Both of these gifts are unique in their own way.  The Memory Seeds come with a Keepsake Box, several strains of wildflower seeds, poem, and personable card.  With this item, you can select quantities, whereas the Planting Kit is a set number.

The Planting Kit includes a slightly larger Keepsake Box, dual strains of seeds, planting medium, personable card and poem.  And, of course, both come with instructions!

Funeral Flower Seeds

Forever Wildflowers specializes in, you guessed it – Wildflowers!  We take pride in delivering to you funeral flower seeds that are made to thrive in your growing zone.  Of course, you can read about why we are so passionate about our work.  

And, since we are so devoted to our work, we proudly offer several different shipping options, as well as products and quantity selections.  Please visit our Products page to see all the details of our funeral flower seeds, and to personalize your card.  

If you have any questions prior to your order, regarding an existing order, or have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We are happy to help in any way we can!!