Wildflower Planting Tips


Wildflower planting tips – Techniques and ideas to enhance your planting experience.  Here you will find a video, photos and text to help you out.  And, of course, if you have any questions, please contact us!


You can purchase a Moisture Meter at your local gardening center.  This [roughly] $10 item also includes a light meter and pH tester – ALL IN ONE!

Planting the seeds in outdoor soil, in a pre-chosen spot, is the best choice.  Of course, pots and planter boxes work just the same!!

Again, make sure you are not over-watering; if you are planting in a container  or bed style, plan ahead to for proper drainage for water-ings / rain. 

Following these wildflower planting tips will give you a positive planting experience and a long lasting memory garden.  And, do not forget to watch our video at the top!  Some of us are visual learners… like us!!


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Wildflower Planting Tips